About Us Plantupindia

Plantupindia is a startup unit of Myfinconsultants India Pvt. Limited. Tree-Nation allows you to plant trees around the world from the comfort of your home. If you do not have time for planting a tree then we plant a tree with your name. We have made it super easy and fun to plant a tree so that more and more citizens join our cause to reforest the world.

Today's world is surrounded by problems. The biggest problem in these problems is the deteriorating balance between the creatures, the world and the vegetation world. The wildly increasing population has spoiled this balance and has created many economic and health problems for us.

Removal of forests has threatened human civilization. There has been a lot of change in the weather. In some parts of the earth, it is either dry for many years or there is a severe flood.

Forests and water are renewable sources, when it does not live, the river flows forever, the water level decreases in the dams, the production of electricity stops and the water in the canals is reduced. This produces less grains and creates a crisis for the industries.

To cope with this terrible situation, there is a need to reduce the population as well as drive the tree plantation to the war-level.

The tree not only makes the earth fertile but also creates consciousness in our life. If we want to protect our civilization and culture, then not only should we plant more trees, but also should nurture and protect them.

What trees do not do for us, they look beautiful and watch the air clean, reduce the hardness of the weather and end the toxic gases. The tree gives us many benefits. Pollution of air, water and soil can be overcome only by the increase of trees.

CA Himanshu Tiwari
"CA HIMANSHU TIWARI is a Practicing Chartered Accountant in mumbai, in the era of industrialization of the world we need to protect our future. Our future is dependent on the environmental conditions of the earth. So plant more tree to make the earth green, clean and healthy."

"CA Hemant Tiwari is a practising chartered accountant in delhi. According to him environmental development is equally important with infrastructural development. We need to protect the nature and earth so that our future and our coming generation can also see their beauty and can surive with clean and green environment."
CA Hemant Tiwari